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Administration is an essential task that will help to ensure the smooth running of your business. Historically, efficiencies within Admin are often only obtainable to large organisations with a dedicated Admin Team, but this is no longer the case. With Administration Outsourcing, organisations of any size are able to achieve substantial improvements to their processes.

As the leading providers of outsourced Personal Assistant (PA) , Secretarial and Administrative support, Indian Virtual Assistants™ (IVA) plays an essential part in the everyday running of our clients’ businesses. With the widest available skillset, our team is experienced, professional and technologically savvy. Delivered remotely, our streamlined support process ensures that administrative tasks are managed effectively, minimising the need for additional staffing costs such as holiday pay or desk space.

Personal Assistant (PA), Secretarial & Administrative Support

Whether you need a typist for a short-term project or help managing your full admin function, an event manager, travel arranger, bookkeeper or you have a range of tasks you need to clear from your desk, we can provide a solution to suit your business.

  1. Create a virtual admin team and expand your organisation with a flexible service, without the necessary overhead costs, office space, or supplies
  2. Focus on your core business and have confidence that your back-office processes are being effectively managed
  3. Take advantage of this low risk opportunity for expansion
  4. The tasks you set are approached as a priority
  5. Extend administration support hours
  1. Spend too much time on administrative tasks.
  2. Need more time to focus on income-generating tasks and building your business/practice.
  3. Need more time to do the things you WANT to do.
  4. Need an executive assistant to assist with complex work assignments that require tact, creativity, initiative, and good judgment.
  5. Need to create and implement an effective marketing and/or business development program for your product/service.
  6. Need a web site to tell your targeted customer about your product or service.
  7. Need a dedicated, educated, highly trained professional who can work independently and efficiently ON DEMAND.
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